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With TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea you can feel good knowing you’re enjoying nature’s best infusions. We use only the highest quality and most flavorful ingredients, gently processed to preserve the all-natural properties of the carefully selected fruits and herbs. TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea offers the kind of quality you can expect—"All From One Source" guaranteed.

  • TEEKANNE experts select choice harvests from superior growing regions throughout the world to bring the finest fruits and herbs available to your all-natural herbal tea
  • Every phase of product development and processing of our blends takes place in our quality controlled TEEKANNE facilities
  • Multiple quality controls, which exceed the already strict German Food Regulations, are maintained in our state-of-the-art TEEKANNE laboratory — one of the world’s leading nutritional science laboratories specializing in tea
  • The filter paper of the flow-through bags is folded and closed without adhesives
  • Each tea bag is aroma protected by a special triple-layer TEEKANNE foil, heat-sealed to best preserve the great taste and freshness of the tea
  • The thread is knotted securely to the top of the bag in a patented procedure, avoiding the use of aluminum staples

Year after year, for more than a century in the making, consistency and innovation have been the driving forces behind the great success experienced by TEEKANNE. These exceptional accomplishments are attributed to the members of our family-owned group who had a spot-on vision coupled with accurate foresight and the courage and know-how to become one of the most pioneering brands—past, present and future.

Since 1882, TEEKANNE – German for "teapot" – has been playing a significant role in the tea industry and has developed into one of the foremost manufacturers and purveyors of tea worldwide. Throughout our history, our family-owned company has been synonymous with premium tea products. In order to ensure consumers enjoy the finest tea — cup after cup — we have put in place our own quality principles, which exceed the already strict German Food Regulation standards.

Redco Foods, Inc. is a subsidiary of Teekanne GmbH. Formed in 1985, Redco also manufactures and distributes Salada tea, Red Rose tea, and Junket brand dessert mixes from the operations facility in Little Falls, N.Y. All manufacturing occurs in Little Falls, N.Y. with Marketing and some Sales offices based in Windsor, CT.