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"What I find so convincing about TEEKANNE is the quality and diversity of the products."—Words spoken by tennis legend Steffi Graf who has had the pleasure of experiencing numerous leadership roles throughout her life from world-renowned athlete to businesswoman and mother. These days, Steffi Graf can add Brand Ambassador for TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas to her ever-expanding list of qualifications.

Although a lifetime TEEKANNE tea drinker, before endorsing the TEEKANNE brand Steffi Graf brushed up on some essential TEEKANNE facts, as well as exploring and learning all about the raw materials used in TEEKANNE tea—how each ingredient may add flavor and/or function to provide energy, encourage relaxation or soothe the body, and also about the details surrounding the critical aspects of tea processing. Steffi Graf’s healthy lifestyle and efforts to unite her family and career, while still finding time for personal relaxation, provide the reasons why Steffi Graf and TEEKANNE serve as perfect complements to one another.

"I have known TEEKANNE since I was a little girl. I grew up with FixMinze (German Peppermint) and other teas from TEEKANNE. As a sportswoman I have always looked after my body. And in our little family we also choose what we eat and drink carefully. TEEKANNE with all its new tea types is an important part of that. I like the quality and various tea compositions. And that’s why I am happy to support these products. I can find something for every occasion and every mood. I have seen for myself how lovingly and carefully the people at TEEKANNE work to compose great new teas from selected raw materials. I just think that’s wonderful."