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Combining the all-natural benefits of herbal tea with a wellness lifestyle mindset, TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas redefine an entire category. You can indulge in the passion of flavor while savoring the functional, all-natural and antioxidant rich qualities of the herbal blend. After all, it is our brand’s promise to bring more enjoyment and indulgence to your life.

You may ask, what is an herbal wellness tea anyway? Well, it is TEEKANNE’s answer to embracing a lifestyle where you commit to healthy living, being happy and balancing your mind, body and soul with every sip of tea you enjoy. Enjoyment, which is possible because we believe you should not need to choose between flavor or function. The commitment one makes to a lifestyle of wellness takes discipline in every aspect of life. And, for a few moments each day, you can help achieve your wellness goals by simply enjoying any one of a dozen Energizing, Relaxing or Soothing blends from TEEKANNE.

The simple pleasure of making and enjoying a cup of TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea lets you de-stress and unwind from a busy day. It is no wonder that tea breaks are such an enduring part of life — at work or at home. It gives you reason enough to stop, stretch and stimulate the senses, helping you align that moment with your wellness goals. Return to your day relaxed, soothed or energized, ready for all that comes your way.

Tea today. Body for Life. Your body (mind and soul, too) is with you for life. How you take care of yourself today, affects how you feel tomorrow. TEEKANNE’s all-natural herbal teas fit into three functional categories — Energizing, Relaxing and Soothing. We blended the herbal function with flavors that your taste buds will crave from the very first sip — an experience of true harmony from TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea.