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How you take care of yourself today, affects how you feel tomorrow—and what better way to incorporate a healthier lifestyle than making TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas an integral part of your daily regimen. After all, it is our brand’s promise to bring you enjoyment and indulgence with all the health benefits of tea.

"I was so excited to hear I won
the TEEKANNE sweepstakes! I love the Calming Camomile. It truly does relax me after a stressful day at work. The Honey Vanilla Bliss also does the job, sip by sip. It stirs up wonderful memories of something my mother used to drink."
The winner, Suezzy Micale, and a friend will receive a complete Wellness Makeover Package. First they'll have a registered dietitian develop a comprehensive nutritional program for adapting to a Wellness way of life. Their Wellness Makeover continues with a special spa package, including a relaxing massage to promote general well being through interaction with the skin.

We're still not finished. They'll also receive a personalized signed picture of Steffi Graf, tennis legend and brand ambassador of TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea—and the epitome of health and wellness.

And finally, she'll receive a year's supply of TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea! They're 100% all-natural herbal tea blends developed to bring both FLAVOR & FUNCTION into harmony. With no added sugars, artificial additives or preservatives, TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Teas are the perfect compliment to your new, healthier way of life.